Cocktail Menu

Bourbon Room Manhattan


Woodford Reserve stirred with Carpano Antica Sweet vermouth and Jerry Thomas bitters then garnished with a traditional luxardo cherry

Caroline Julep


Your traditional mint julep but with a great view of Caroline Street. Bulliet Rye, Simple Syrup and mint all over crushed ice with just a splash of H20

Trace Mule


a Kentucky twist on your Moscow favorite!! Fan favorite Buffalo trace, Orange bitters with fresh squeeze limes... topped with Ginger Beer!!

Kentucky Fizz


This cocktail is just plain awesome. Fresh squeezed lemons, Chambord and the trendiest whiskey on the block Bulleit... Topped with ginger ale. Don't just take our word for it, buy one.

Southern Belle


For all you debutants and people of high notoriety we present to you the "Southern Belle". Southern sweet tea, lemon juice and peach nectar combined with the classic Old Forester 86 proof. Just enough to get you tipsy but still keep you classy.

Fashionably Old


Our secret old fashioned recipe passed down from friendship to friendship but this time we are using century old I.W. Harper. With every great whiskey shared comes great memories with even better Friends. Cheers!!

Seasonal Cocktails

Cranberry Mule


Stoli Vodka fresh squeezed lime juice and pressed cranberry juice, don't forget the goslings ginger beer all over ice. It's our festive twist on a traditonal moscow mule

Seasonal Squeeze


Glenmorangie single malt tossed around with raspberry liqueur, shaken vigourlsy with our house made sweet n' sour mix with a berry on top

Un "pear"able Smash


Seasonal Blues? We have good news!! Jack Daniels Rye stirred in with fresh lemon juice, ginger liqueur and just the right amount of maple syrup and vanilla extract. Then muddle in fresh pear and a dash of cinnamon for good meseaure.

The Tree Hugger


New York's own Taconic Bourbon with the right amounts of maple syrup and sweet vermouth... Just two dashes of bitters, stirred and strained and granished with a cherry. Manhattan makes a trip upstate!!

Bourbon n' Bean


A little pick me up after dinner treat... Colorado's Tin Cup American Whiskey blended with Buffalo Traces bourbon cream and Coffee Liqueur all over ice and then dusted with cocoa. Seasonal Favorite

Vanilla Slice


Stop colaborate and listen...the vanilla slice is back. Crown Royal Vanilla old fashioned with orange bitters to taste. Don't forget your orange slice, lemon slice and cherry... Slice, Slice baby!!


Fly 518

Upstate Distilling Bourbon, ALB Ironweed Bourbon, Lake George Distilling Bourbon

Sazerac trio

Eagle Rare, Michtner's US #1 Small Batch, 1792 Small Batch

Easy "Rye" der

Sazerac Rye, Redemption Rye, Sagamore Rye

I Love New York

Taconic Distilling Strait Bourbon, Black Buttom Bourbon, Beanball Bourbon

Tap the Rockies

Tin Cup, Stranhan's Colorado Whiskey, Colorado Strait whiskey

Tennessee Jed

Jack Daniel's Single barrel, George Dickel 12 year, George Dickel Rye whiskey

Ask us how you can "Design" your own flight

Weekly Occurrences


Drinkin' with Lincoln

$5 Manhattans , $5 Old Fashioned, $5 Moscow Mules, $5 House wines, $5 Buy one, Get one Select Draughts 8:00PM - Close


"Name that Tune"Music Trivia

Saratoga's favorite music trivia every Wednesday from 8-11pm. You may know the band, you may know the lyrics but can you name that tune?


Live music from Matt Cosgrove

Friday "Rye"day

Every week we select 3 rye whiskeys for a specialty flight, after you have tried all three you pick your favorite and we will make you a cocktail of your choice with that rye.

Whiskey Passport

With over 300+ bourbon, scotch and whiskeys on our shelves it's hard to keep track of the ones you have tried and more importantly the ones you haven't. We have organized and exclusive club where you can track what you have tried but receive Bourbon room rewards while you are doing it. Ask your bartender how you can get a whiskey passport and unlock a world of whiskey.